eConsult is now live. eConsult is an online platform that allows patients to consult with their own GP simply by completing a quick online form. eConsult will be in addition to the other ways you can access the practice, providing a round-the-clock portal where patients can enter their symptoms and receive instant self-help advice, together with signposting to NHS 111, pharmacies and other healthcare services.

eConsult has been designed to capture the symptoms associated with over 100 common clinical conditions, with red flag sensitivity that alerts the patient to any serious signs of critical illness that require immediate medical intervention. The online form has been designed with technology that responds in real time, tailoring the questions and responses according to a patient's unique demographic. It works in a similar way to our Compass Health navigation so whether you choose to access the practice via the telephone or via eConsult the advice will be consistent.

Once a patient has finished completing the questionnaire it is securely emailed directly to the practice and is added into the GPs workflow. Following the submission of a questionnaire the patient will receive a response by the end of the next working day, which may be advice, a prescription, a request for further tests or an appointment to come in to see a GP.

eConsult is already being used by more than 300 NHS practices and some 2.8 million people across the country.

To access e-consult visit our website and you will see a pop up banner appear. This will allow you to see how you can seek medical advice and if required complete the questionnaire. E-consult is compatible with mobile & tablet devices.

We have included a link to a you-tube video put together by the e-consult team to help explain a bit more about how e-consult works.  

We hope this will helpful step for patients to access medical advice at their own convenience, 24/7.