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We operate an appointment system that has been designed to reduce backlog so that patients can receive the care they need in a timely manner, as well as allowing the system to be responsive to on-the-day emergencies.

We do this by offering the majority of our GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) appointments on the day as we find that those booked in advance have a high rate of non-attendance. Our on the day system creates more capacity allowing us to see a greater number of patients than pre-booking appointments.

We also use Health Navigation, which involves asking patients a few questions to understand the nature of their medical problem using clinically designed protocols. This enables our team to offer the most appropriate professional for the patient, which may not necessarily be a GP.

Our Health Navigators are all fully trained to direct you to the most appropriate clinician for your needs and will ask for details of the specific problem to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care. All information given to our staff is treated in the strictest confidence.

We do also offer some pre-bookable appointments every day for each clinician. These can be booked via telephone or online through Patient Access up to two weeks in advance.

For all on the day appointments please try to call as early in the day as possible and provide our Health Navigators with the requested information. This means that you can be appropriately prioritised based on need that day. We are not an emergency service and calling later in the day means that we may not be able to fit you in

How do I book an appointment?

You can telephone Compass House (01803 855897 for both medical centres) from 8am -6pm Monday to Friday and discuss your requirements in total confidence with a Health Navigator who has been fully trained to match you with the most appropriate clinician. You will either be given a timed face to face appointment that day, placed on the call list to receive a call back from a clinician or referred to another health care professional. During a call back you may be offered a timed appointment later that day at the Practice if necessary.

For urgent on the day needs you may also be given a timed appointment at Brixham Hospital where an Urgent (acute) Care Service is provided by Compass House clinicians.

We do also offer some pre-bookable appointments every day for each clinician. These can be booked via telephone or online through Patient Access up to two weeks in advance.

What if there are no appointments left that day?

On occasions we do run out of appointments so we ask if it is non-urgent to call back the next day. Where there is an urgent need to speak to a clinician that day we will always try to provide at least a telephone appointment or may offer a sit and wait clinic at the end of the day

Online via Patient Access

This is the quickest and easiest way to book an appointment. We have some GP/ANP telephone appointments every day which are bookable online from 6pm the night before via Patient Access to save patients calling first thing in the morning. We also have a selection of non-urgent GP/ANP appointments than can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Through this service you can also cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view a care summary record.

Nurse Appointments

All Nurse and phlebotomy appointments are bookable up to 28 days in advance. When booking one of these appointments please try to avoid calling between 8-11am as we will be dealing with the on the day appointments at this time.
We also have a number of nurse telephone appointments each day that can be booked in advance online or through reception. These are for general routine enquires such as advice on inhaler usage, dressings, long term treatments, advice on chronic disease management, travel and immunisations.