We are an active research site, affiliated with the National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network: South West Peninsula - NIHR CRN: SWP website

Research is about finding out new knowledge that could lead to changes in treatments, policies or care. There are many different types of research from studies in a scientific laboratory to those that observe and examine people with different conditions or develop new treatments. Research might be concerned with preventing disease and promoting good health or finding out people's experience of different services and support in the community. If you are eligible to participate in a research study then you will be asked by a clinician for your permission and its entirely up to you whether you take part.

So far we have recruited participants for a study that sought to improve identification and management of patients with suspected inflammatory conditions, and took part in an antibiotic prescribing research study to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for minor illness.

We are currently running a study that is trying to identify patients who may develop rheumatoid arthritis in the future, so that we may identify patients at an earlier stage, which can improve outcomes of the condition. If you are over 16 and have a first degree relative (mum, dad, sister, brother) with rheumatoid arthritis, you would be eligible to be entered into the study. As part of our research work, we have agreed to join the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) and EDGE database, which supports the collection of anonymised patient records for public health research. Posters explaining CPRD https://www.cprd.com/intro.asp and EDGE http://edgeclinical.com/ are available in reception and more information can be provided at request.