Before travelling abroad it is important that you check whether or not you need to have any extra immunisations or to take any precautions against malaria or other nasty holiday bugs.

We do not provide travel vaccination advice at the Practice as this is a private service and so patients need to visit or call one of the designated Travel clinics below who will advise on your requirements and be able to carry out the vaccinations.

Exeter Travel Clinic 01392 430590
Plymouth Travel Clinic 0330 100 4288


You can also visit the Superdrug store in Union Street Torquay who will provide you with a computer printout identifying vaccinations required for the countries you are visiting. (This service is free of charge)

We are able to provide Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus/Diptheria/Polio and Cholera free on the NHS only if you are advised they are required for the Country you are visiting by one of the above services. If you need any of these vaccinations you will need to contact the surgery and ask for a call from our practice nurse who will then call you back to discuss these requirements with you.

We can also provide Hep B for Occupational Health Purposes – £120 for the initial course of 3 vaccines and then £40 for the booster.

All other vaccinations are private treatments and will need to be booked at the Travel clinics. If you are visiting several different countries on your travels please be aware that you may need several different vaccinations.