• Compass House Medical Centre - Brixham

    Compass House Medical Centre - Brixham

  • Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

    Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

  • Compass House Medical Centre - Brixham

    Compass House Medical Centre - Brixham

  • Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

    Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

  • Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

    Compass House Medical Centre - Galmpton

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01803 855897
Mon-Fri 8.00am to 6pm


01803 855897
Mon-Fri 8.00am to 5pm

Extended Hours

Booked appointments 6.00pm - 8pm on a Tuesday at Brixham and 7am-8am on a Friday at our Galmpton branch.


As we head into winter we are now starting to see the 2nd wave of Coronavirus across the UK and we are seeing an increase in positive cases both locally and within our patient population. This extra workload combined with fewer staff is presenting challenges for us as things inevitably take longer and the demand for our services increases. Over the last 4 weeks we have had an average of 5 members of our team off each week whilst they are tested/isolating and this puts a stress on the services we run and the workload we can manage safely with the remaining team. This update is to proactively share information with you to help prepare you for some of the changes we may need to introduce this winter and to keep you informed.

We anticipate that the workload and demand on our service is going to grow over the coming months, along with the number of staff that we have off being tested and isolating. As always our priority is trying to provide the best level of care for our patients with the resources we have. To help manage this demand and ensure those that need us most at that time get the care they need, we have introduced a “COVID Level system” to help you as patients know what level we are currently operating at and the type of work we might not be able to deal with during the period whilst operating at a particular level. If we have to move to operating at different level, you will be advised if your request falls within those that can’t currently be dealt with by the practice and you will be asked to call back the next day.  We will advertise our current COVID Level on our website, facebook page and our telephone system so that you don’t have to contact us and wait in a queue to find out that we can’t deal with your request that day.

We are currently at the “COVID normal” level and are doing everything we can to remain at this level for as long as possible. Where we have to escalate up the levels our aim is always to get back to “COVID Normal” as quickly as possible and we might need to implement alternative actions to get there. These alternative actions include changing what we see at different sites, temporarily closing sites and working with neighbouring practices across Torbay, which could mean you are seen at different location to where you are used to being seen.

Don’t forget you should contact these services directly for help and support before contacting your GP:

  • Call 111 or go online for medical advice
  • Speak to a pharmacist for medication queries or minor ailments such as urinary tract infections, rashes, insect bites, head lice & emergency contraception.
  • Accidents & Injuries should all go direct to minor Injury units https://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/services/urgent-and-emergency-care/ed-miu-waiting-times/
  • Talkwalks Torbay - If you are struggling to cope or feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings, our clinicians recommend TALKWORKS. TALKWORKS provides a free service in Torbay, you can self-refer by either calling 0300 555 33 44 or visiting https://www.talkworks.dpt.nhs.uk/ The service can help you to feel better and give you the tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Torbay’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service  - CAMHS support children and young people and their parents/carers who need mental health support.  Parents/carers can self-refer to the service. This can be done by contacting Torbay CAMHS on 01803 655692 between 8am-5pm and in an emergency out of hours on 0300 555 5000 https://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/services/
  • 0 to 19 Torbay - To promote the health, development and well-being of children, young people and families in the Torbay area.  The team can support young people with low level mental health difficulties or signpost to other services when appropriate.  Self-refer by calling: 0300 333 5352 or via their website www.0to19Torbay.co.uk  
  • Physio – Self refer for musculoskeletal symptoms such as joint pains by calling 03004569987 or go to https://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/services/physiotherapy/physiotherapy-appointment-service/
  • Healthy Lifestyles Team -  For support to stop smoking, eat more healthily, lose weight and be more active.  Self-refer via https://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/services/healthy-lifestyles/ You can complete the online quiz and also look at other options/resources that are available. Alternatively you can book in for support by contacting the main lifestyles number on 0300 456 1006.
  • Social Prescriber Link workers can offer support to you for improving wellbeing. If you need help with: befriending, bereavement, debts/finances, housing, employment, mental wellbeing, physical fitness, losing weight, smoking cessation, chronic pain, long-term physical health conditions, social activities and learning and developing skills, resilience and confidence please self-refer by contacting the surgery by telephone or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • COVID Support – A community helpline, started initially for those affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, open to the people of Torbay to request help, volunteer their assistance or refer anyone they believe/know needs help.  Call 01803 446022, open 10am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9:30am-12:30pm on Saturdays or online www.brixhamdoescare.co.uk
  • There’s lots of information available on www.compasshousemedical.com including the option to eConsult with us
  • Follow our Facebook page for the latest updates https://www.facebook.com/compasshousemedical/

If you have any feedback or suggestion as to how we can improve our service and help you during this time, please do get in touch and let us know. Whilst we have to implement strategies to manage the demand we also want to make sure we continue to deliver the best service we can in the circumstances, ensuring that all patients that need to can access us easily.

The Compass House Team


COVID Normal

This is the current normal working practice of the surgery during the coronavirus pandemic
·         As long as we have the clinical capacity left that day, we will accept all phone calls and the surgery will run on a total telephone triage system by all healthcare professionals. This is where they will speak to you on the phone and then invite you into the practice to be seen that day if necessary. Please ensure that you can be seen the day you call the practice as we are unable to pre-book appointments ahead for another day.
·         Non urgent work streams such as medicals, private work, annual reviews, NHS health checks etc. are limited at this time, though we will endeavour to complete those we can.
·         Nursing appointments can only be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. If you require a routine appointment in more than 2 weeks you will be asked to call back nearer the time.

Level 1

A number of clinical presentations will be asked to contact us again another day due to the current demand the surgery is facing. These presentations include:

·         MED 3 (Sick note) requests
·         Urgent Medication requests (except insulin and pain relief for palliative care),
·         Requesting discussions re. blood tests, hospital appointments, referrals
·         Treatment of thrush - Use Pharmacy
·         Treatment of BV – Use Pharmacy
·         Health advice (i.e. verrucas, threadworms etc) – Use pharmacy
·         Medicine enquires or reviews
·         Chronic pain management

·         Non-urgent chronic disease management

Level 2

Level 2 will include all of the above conditions plus:
·         Musculoskeletal problems/pain
·         Mild depression and/or anxiety (not suicidal) – Use TalkWalks
·         Chronic ENT (ear, nose and throat) problems (Age 2m+)
·         Skin lesions
·         Ongoing GORD (reflux) issues
·         Rashes (unless non-blanching)
·         Tired all the time
·         Anal lumps
·         Back pain (Use Physio)
·         Chronic long term problems (that have been going on longer than 1 month)
·         Dental pain
·         Ongoing hypertension management
·         Sexual health concerns (Help available direct at Castle Circus)
·         UTIs (Urinary tract infections) -  these can be dealt with at a pharmacy

Level 3

Everything will stop apart from assessment and management of urgent medical needs per below:

·         Only patients that a medical opinion is likely to alter management on that day (especially those patients under 5s and patients in the High Risk category)
·         Chest pain
·         Shortness of breath
·         Acute Abdominal pain
·         Suspected Sepsis
·         Heavy bleeding
·         Non-blanching rash
·         Acute mental health need (suicidal/psychotic episode)
·         Suspected Stroke
·         Unwell diabetic patient on insulin


Welcome to the website for Compass House Medical Centres, family doctors based in Brixham Devon. Our Practice serves the areas of Brixham, Galmpton, Kingswear and parts of Paignton. We have two surgeries, our main site is in King Street, Brixham and we have a branch site located in Langdon Lane, Galmpton. We are recognised as a training practice which reinforces both the experience and skills of our GP and clinical team.


We believe in helping our patients to make healthy choices and support them to best manage their health problems.

For more information on Coronavirus please see our Coronavirus Tab