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We have 9 permanent GPs with a wide range of clinical interests. They look after Patients with chronic illness, with the aim to keep people in their own homes and ensure they are as well as they can possibly be.

Our GPs work as part of a large Multidisciplinary Team and together, they support the care of our Patients.

Dr D Ansley

Dr R Bromige

Dr C Delany

Dr T Douglas

Dr J Gunning

Dr L Jones

Dr J Lurie

Dr E Teesdale

Dr T Longman

GP Registrars

We are proud to be a well-established training practice, helping qualified doctors, known as registrars, complete the final stages of their GP Training.

We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status enhances the quality of the medical care that we provide at the practice. It also enables patients to see a wider range of clinicians whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young enthusiastic doctors. You can of course still elect to see your chosen regular doctor but sometimes this may require you to plan your appointment.

We have been a training practice for several years and the feedback from patients regarding our registrars has been overwhelmingly positive. The doctors tend to be in the surgery for around 12 months, becoming an integral part of the practice team and an invaluable resource for patients.

Dr Tanya Bainbridge - GP Registrar

Dr Jade Hubbard - GP Registrar

Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP)

ACPs (Advanced Clinic Practitioners) are are highly experienced medical professionals who are educated to Master’s level. They have the skills required to examine/ assess, diagnose, prescribe, and treat patient’s healthcare needs, or refer to an appropriate Specialist if required in a similar way to Doctors.

Ian Parsonage
Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Sonia Lake
Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Aly Thomson
Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Clare Roberts
Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Antony Kitchener

Nursing Team

Practice Nurses aid Patients with queries and health advice including chronic disease management, wound management, and child health immunisations. They can also initiate investigations such as ECGs and blood tests.

Collectively Assistant Practitioners, Nurse Associates, Health Care Assistants, and Phlebotomists work alongside Practice Nurses to carry out blood tests, blood pressure checks, and ear care, provide lifestyle and stop smoking advice, assist with wound management, and are able to administer some vaccinations.

Nurse Manager

Deputy Nurse Manager

Practice Nurse

Practice Nurse

Assistant Practitioner

Assistant Practitioner

Nursing Associate

Trainee Nursing Associate

Healthcare Assistant


General Practice Assistants (GPA)

As part of the wider team in general practice, General Practice Assistants (GPAs) provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties like Phlebotomy and ECGs (for example when needed acutely during a consultation with a GP).


General Practice Assistant

Clinical Pharmacists

Practice Pharmacists have detailed knowledge about drugs and their effects. They help resolve day-to-day medicine issues and consult with Patients directly.

They also provide help to manage long-term conditions, advising those taking multiple medicines, and deliver clinical advice about treatments. 

Practice Pharmacist

Practice Pharmacist

Practice Pharmacist

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians can fulfil a number of roles in a general practice settings like:

-Medicines reconciliation after discharge from hospital

-Reviewing, querying and adding medicines requested in outpatient letters

-Ensuring appropriate monitoring of high-risk drugs

-Discussing with patients where they have stopped taking their medicines, or have poor compliance or adherence

-Consenting patients for repeat (batch) dispensing

-‘Housekeeping’ of patient medicines (eg, improving directions, syncing quantities, removing old items, strength optimisation, confirming rationale for using liquid medicines, removal of expired screen messages, adding hospital-only medicines).



Pharmacy Technician

Prescription Clerks

Prescription clerks work as part of the practice team, supporting clinicians in the management and preparation of prescriptions. They liaise with patients, other healthcare organisations,  pharmacies, care homes and deal with prescription queries.

Our team: Laura, Nikki and Jess B


Steph works at the Practice a couple of days a week. She is able to provide Physiotherapy support to patients who meet certain criteria, as well as being able to carry out certain types of joint injections & musculoskeletal support.


Social Prescribers

Social Prescribers work with Patients to explore their individual support needs, develop a personal plan, and set goals to work to reduce barriers and motivate patients to make positive life changes. This could include addressing issues such as unemployment, loneliness, or money issues.

If you feel like you would benefit from some support from the Team, please inform a Care Coordiantor and they will refer you onto them.

Social Prescribing Link Worker

Social Prescribing Link Worker

Social Prescribing Link Worker

Carer Support Worker

Sarah works at the Practice on a Tuesday & Wednesday and will be able to offer support & health assessments to our unpaid carers. Referrals to the Carer Support Worker are able to be done via our Patient Care Advisors.

Carer Support Worker

Practice Management

Stephanie Tedstone - Management Partner

Kirsty Sharp - Operation & Finance Manager

Emma Trayhorn - Patient Liaison Manager / Care Coordinator Manager

Kaye Clarke - Patient Services Manager

Jess Carne - Deputy Care Coordinator Manager

Sophie Morgan - Deputy Care Coordinator Manager

Catherine Tutton - Deputy Care Coordinator Manager

Care Coordinator

Our Care Coordinator team welcome patients to the surgery, answer calls and queries from patients, carry out a wide range of essential roles supporting the clinicians such as arranging referrals for patients to hospital, following up on queries, typing letters, summarising patient records, dealing with all Insurance and Solicitor requests for medical examinations, reports and private forms. 

They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors and Nurses and everything that you tell them is treated in confidence.

Patient Coordinator Team:

Jess B, Aleigha, Sophia, Hannah, Antonia, Vanessa, Kirsty, Chrissy, Kira, Coral, Chloe, Freya, Sandra and Lucy (our apprentice)

Rachel – Care Coordinator / Cancer Support Worker


IT Team

The team support the practice management by producing patient communications such as leaflets and information, maintaining the website and managing all the IT systems.

We are proud to be a Digital Health Devon Champion Practice by provide face to face Online Services sessions at Brixham King Street and Galmpton Langdon Lane on a regular basis. This are tied sessions for patients that need support and would like to learn how to use Online Services.

IT team:

Simon – IT Lead

Iuli – Deputy IT Lead

Cleaning Team

Jane, Debbie and Kizzie


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