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Non-NHS Services and SARs

Why are fees charged?

The government’s contract with GPs covers medical services to NHS patients. However, in recent years more and more organisations have been involving doctors in a wide range of non NHS work. This work is not funded by the government, so GPs have to charge a fee to cover their time and other expenses.

Surely the doctor is being paid anyway?

It is important to understand that many GPs are not employed by the NHS. They are self-employed and they have to cover the costs of everything from the limited NHS funds provided – staff wages, buildings, heating, lighting, etc – in the same way as any small business. The NHS covers costs for NHS work, but not for non-NHS work, the fees charged by GPs contribute towards keeping the surgery running.

Do GPs have to do non-NHS work for their patients?

With certain limited exceptions, GPs do not have to carry out any non-NHS work. Many GPs, however, will always attempt to assist their patients and carry out this work where possible and time allows.

Why does it sometimes take my GP a long time to complete my form/letter?

Time spent completing forms & preparing reports takes the GP away from the medical care of patients which will always have top priority. GPs have an ever increasing workload of forms which must be prioritised against offering appointments and other urgent administration. We aim to complete non-NHS work within two weeks of receipt but on occasion this can take longer.

I only need the GP’s signature – what’s the problem?

When a GP signs a certificate, completes a report or writes a letter it is a condition of remaining on the medical register (which allows them to practice as a doctor), that they only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete even the simplest of forms, the doctor may have to check a patient’s entire medical record.

Fees for Non NHS services

Please note all private work must be paid in full in advance of any work being carried out.

Private prescription £20.00
GP Letter- this will be a statement of fact, not opinion £60.00
PIP support letter (This is not required see information leaflet on website, PIP will write to us if required).

If letter is completed – charge applicable to patient

Sickness/accident benefit claim form £50.00
Passport application **Please see for guidance this does not need to be GP £50.00
Driving license £40.00
Holiday cancellation form £60.00
Insurance claim form £50.00
Insurance proposal forms –no exam £104.00
Employment report £125.00
Ofsted Health Report £91.00
Firearms letter/report £67.00
Medicals (excluding ENG1) £125.00

*While the above is a guide pricing, if the time taken exceeds that predicted for the service there may be an increase in charge, this will be communicated before work carried out.


Fee for medical consultation (private patient per hour) £250.00
Detailed written report **with exam (30 minutes) £125.00
Comprehensive exam and report (45 minutes) £187.50


The cost of other requests not listed will be based on time:

One hour £250.00
30 minutes £125.00
15 minutes £  62.50


Patient access to their medical records 
(SAR - Subject Access Request)

Copy of full records including Lloyd George records**

Computer held records only**

A data subject access request form will need to be completed, signed & ID seen before we are able to complete these requests.

In most cases you will not be charged a fee for a SAR. However, we can charge a ’reasonable fee’ for the administrative costs of complying with a request if it is manifestly unfounded or excessive, or if an individual requests further copies of their data.


**Free (online access)
Medical records copies for Solicitors**

**Charges will apply if repeat requests are made

Lasting Power Of Attorney – This is NOT something GP’s are happy to complete, but on occasions can be done with prior agreement of £125.00

Hep B for Occupational Health Purposes – £120 for the initial course of 3 vaccines and then £40 for the booster

Privacy Notice – Medi2data

Due to the high demand of our service. Our practice has decided to outsource our subject access requests and medical reporting work to an NHS Digital accredited company called Medi2data.

Medi2data will be processing your subject access request or medical report via eMR and providing online access via their secure encrypted portal.

If you wish to contact MediData directly, please email or call on 03333 055774.

Please send your request for medical records / insurance reports to the practice with your consent.

We will then upload your request to the secure portal for MediData to action your request.

What is eMR/Medi2data?

Medi2data are a NHS Digital accredited company who have developed a digital system called eMR, which enables GP practices to create digital, GDPR compliant medical reports.

  • eMR helps GP Surgeries with data security, speed and efficiency
  • eMR also helps you to easily see your medical data, stay in control of it and decide who you want to share it with.

Medi2data has worked hard to develop their NHS GP IT Futures accredited technology, eMR, which interfaces with our GP practice’s system to extract your medical record. This means you can receive a full copy of that information securely and share it with others as you wish, keeping your data safe.




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